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The Prince George Forest Region has:
  1. A total area of 31.8 million hectares (more than ten times the size of Vancouver Island)
  2. 267 Forest Service recreation sites.
  3. 74 hiking trails and 20 interpretive forest sites.
  4. An annual harvest of approximately 18 million cubic meters.
  5. 7,803 km of Forest Service roads.
  6. A productive forest area of 17.5 million hectares.
  7. A total of 58 mills, including 37 lumber mills, seven pulp and/or pulp and paper mills, six veneer and plywood mills and a number of value-added manufacturers.
  8. Planted more than 95 million seedlings in 1994 (licensee and Ministry of Forests total)
  9. A total revenue from stumpage of over $586 million in the 1994/95 fiscal year.
  10. Over 43,000 cattle and almost 3,000 horses grazing under 445 permits and licences on provincial range land

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