Ruff's Greeenhouses

Ready, set, grow!
Ruff's Greenhouses provides seedling cold storage for the Ministry of Forests and Forest Industry at large. We have ten refrigeration compartments, capable of holding in excess of five thousand boxes of seedlings each. Yearly, we handle over 70 thousand cartons for the Prince George and surrounding Forest District spring planting program.

Seedling transportation is also provided by Ruff's. We have insulated vans for local delivery, and will arrange transportation for long distance shipping.

Although Ruff's Greenhouses primarily focus on the growth of tree seedlings, we also grow bedding out plants for our Landscaping Division. We also help fill the demand for poinsettias during the Christmas season. For more information on our products and service.

Contact Information
Phone: 250-963-9815
Fax: 250-963-3134


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