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Through self adjudication and independent ruling, Ruff's Greenhouses has proven they grow excellent seedlings, with a recovery rate of 100 percent or better. There is no more than a two percent cull rate in boxes. By self imposed quality control measures, Ruff's Greenhouses achieves the highest quality standards in the areas of height, root collar diameter, dry root weights, root to shoot ratios and foliage requirements. In 1994 and 1995 our harvested crops met or exceeded sowing requests.

In 1996 crops were again in over run with a high quality of standards achieved. The entire crop balanced out between 40 and 60 percent at target specification. It takes approximately seven months for a tree to go from seed to seedling. During this time they are tested to make sure the root growth matches the development of the shoots.Tissue analysis occurs on a regular basis to test nutrient levels.

Ruff's believes in providing the seedlings with a natural environment and fewer artificial fertilizers than in the past, to ensure success rate in the field, where the seedlings rely strictly on natural nutrients. Prior to the young trees leaving the green house, they are acclimatized to the natural environment. Air temperature and nutrients are manipulated to encourage the seedlings into a dormant condition.


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